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"A fascination with the ways that time relentlessly unravels experience has caused me, over the years, to create large narrative paintings, short animated films and numerous other things in an attempt to grasp that persistent and yet fleeting passage of the moments.
Now, rather than describe it, I am drawn to making art that is in time. In a more diaristic approach, I let drawing unfold with my life as it seeks to make sense of whatever that is. It has become very personal and embedded in my own curiosity, rather than a pursuit of something finished and therefore, public.
The projects on this blog involve a consistent pattern or a particular rhythm of drawing over a given amount of time. As they use and explore material, fabric, skin, place, they seek to come back to the wonderful physicality of being."

Drawing Projects - blog links

Drawing Projects

blog home page An overview.

Dress Code Project

blog link Since April 2013 I have been making a drawing of what I wear each day. The drawings respond to much more than my clothing, varying widely in their approach and media.

Black News/White News

blog link Clothes from the news.


blog link In 2015 I set out to draw 100 trees.

Visage non retouché

blog link In December 2015, while on a residency in Paris, I set out to draw a face from the internet each day. I selected my images with a daily search for ‘Visage non retouché’, in an attempt to find faces that hadn’t been highly processed by the media.

The Soft Space of Illusion

blog linkIn 2010 and 2011 I made 180 A4 watercolours from newspaper photographs.

A Short History of Human Tenderness

blog link The history of the world could be told in the way we have depicted hands.